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VaporSafe® is a turn-key, Data as a Service (DaaS) platform for Environmental Consultants and their stakeholders

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VaporSafe® provides and integrates data sources for chemical, weather, and indoor conditions over time and space. Data is provided by secure web portal for quick and easy visualizations and data exports

International Resellers

We have Certified VaporSafe® Resellers in Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Our resellers are experts in the regulations for their territories and are eager to assist

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Our turnkey service offering saves time and money. VaporSafe® is a data rich solution providing decision makers confidence with clear and concise data

Money and Time Saved

We spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on samples, lab analyses and reports, and still had important questions. VaporSafe® resolved these questions right away and allowed us to move to the next phase.”
– Consultant

With only a few days of automated monitoring, we resolved challenges that time-integrated samples could never address.” 
– Consultant

VaporSafe® is a game changer as far as getting real-time results and really understanding the full picture.”
– Consultant

Any project manager considering using in-situ thermal heating would be well advised to use continuous real-time monitoring of the rapidly changing emission scenario.  We have been able to anticipate and correct problems before the concentration levels became acute, which has saved time, money and energy.” 
– USEPA Superfund Site Project Manager (R9)

We were able to screen more than 30 homes and sewer clean-outs in just a few days. The campaign included discrete samples and monitoring. This allowed us to quickly implement plans for mitigation (where needed) and closure.”
– Consultant

I use VaporSafe® for risk assessment, site closure and to confirm mitigation. Great service!
– Consultant

This is ideal for Brownfield’s. I don’t like having to wait for everyone to catch up and potentially delay the process.”
– Consultant for Developer

This is the best available vapor intrusion assessment technology, by far. I also like watching the live results on-line.” 
– Consultant

I like that the system yields laboratory quality results – not screening data.”
– Consultant

The results turned out great. Continuous mode identified on-going episodic VI, discrete mode identified the source pathways, and after we cut off the pathways, the last day and a half of continuous monitoring confirmed successful mitigation.” 
– Consultant

After 17 years, the remaining non-occupied two buildings will be released for occupation as a result of VaporSafe® monitoring and the clear indication that concentrations are well below risk values. According to the regulator, this is the “most extensive and robust VI study ever seen” by the agency.” 
– Consultant

I know the vapor intrusion industry in the US is ahead of us in terms of standards, but we will be using your service because we care about our women and children and want to do the best we can to protect them.”
– Australian Regulator

“We’ve been spinning in circles for years. Traditional passive sampling methods didn’t give us enough information or resolution to answer the critical questions. Your system quickly helped us resolve the mystery. Thank you!”
– Consultant

“Why are we tinkering with models and canisters when we can simply measure this and identify whether VI exists, and if so, to identify VOC entry locations?”
– SERDP Conference Attendee, US DoD Contractor