Reduce odor control costs

Alleviate public and Regulatory Agency concerns

Cannabis Services

VaporSafe® is an air monitoring system for cannabis vapors 

As shown in the plot, cannabis vapor levels in grow-house air can vary depending upon the time of day, weather conditions, and ongoing activities such as opening and closing roof vents and harvesting.  

VaporSafe® continuously monitors cannabis vapor levels and can activate existing odor-control systems when the vapor levels exceed a pre-selected value.  VaporSafe® reduces electrical costs and consumable costs, such as odor-control solutions or filters, by only activating the odor-control system when necessary.   

Benefits to Growers:

  • Evaluation & optimization of growing operations – Reduced Emissions
  • Design & optimization of odor mitigation systems – Reduced System Costs
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Confirmation on when to change filters in filtration units.
  • Less contaminated filter waste to dispose of.
  • Less odor-control solution use & waste to dispose of.
  • Documented concentration data that assist with permit approval
  • Documented concentration data that can alleviate public concerns

VaporSafe® provides confirmation to the public and to Regulatory Agencies that your farm is not a source for cannabis odors detected in neighborhoods

Benefits to Agencies:

  • Information documenting cannabis vapor levels at growing facilities
  • Confirmation that the odor control systems are active and working.  
  • Reduced environmental footprint – Less contaminated filter waste
  • Reduced electrical consumption by farms
  • Documented concentration data that can alleviate public concerns

VaporSafe® data enable public and regulatory agencies to quantitatively document when and where cannabis odors are detected in neighborhoods, determine which conditions might result in concerns, and to confirm that issues are resolved.  

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