VaporSafe® is a turn-key, Data as a Service (DaaS) platform for Environmental Consultants and their stakeholders

Solutions in a Single Rapid Deployment

  • Determine Risk v. No Risk Situations
  • Identify and Respond to TCE Accelerated / Urgent Exceedances
  • Identify Indoor Sources
  • Identify VOC Entry Locations, Preferential Pathways
  • Optimize and Confirm Mitigation and Remediation Systems
  • Long-Term Monitoring of Fugitive Emissions
  • Address Brownfield Concerns (Resolve During Escrow)
  • Evaluate Large Neighborhoods
  • Resolve Vapor Intrusion “Mysteries”
  • Prevent Acute Exposures

Analytical System

  • Lab Grade Gas Chromatograph meets US EPA method TO-14A (modified)
  • ~10 minutes per measurement – runs unattended, 24 x 7
  • Each measurement sent to our web portal in real time
  • Up to 16 data collection points for site-wide coverage
  • System can be immediately switched to “discrete mode” to manually sample and investigate potential hot spots
  • Compounds: TCE, PCE, TCA, DCE, methane, BTEX, and many others
  • Additional site-specific measurements are available such as differential pressure and weather data

Secure, Real-Time, Web-Based Analytics 

  • Project Portfolio organizes multiple sites
  • Zeroes in on Data Collection Points where Vapor Intrusion is happening – no need to sift through many data points
  • Preset Charting Templates greatly reduce “Excel gymnastics”
  • All data and charts can be exported for Client Reports

VaporSafe® Saves Time and Money

Pricing is determined by the time of use, with lower daily rate for longer durations

VIP Training and Consulting are optional services, provided at a flat or hourly rate

Although usually unnecessary after a visit or two, we’re always available for support